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Building Teams

Delivering custom-made end-to-end support to grow your team.

Melon's integrated approach goes beyond growing your team to establishing all talent acquisition processes and systems to make your growth skyrocket.

Workforce Planning

A powerful organizational structure with critical skill sets is the key enabler of growth. Let's plan your workforce structure by getting the right people in the right roles at the right time to accelerate growth together. 

Leave it to us to analyze your existing organizational structure and workflows. In line with your future goals, we identify your talent needs and establish an organizational chart to ensure your teams have the right mix of talent to reach these goals.

Employee Value Proposition Design

A little soul-searching here: who do you want to attract to work with you? What draws in the people you want to attract? Let's discover the answer to those questions and entice the best-fit talent for your organization.

At Melon, we take a holistic approach to developing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) from concept to implementation. We gather data from the team, conduct a leadership workshop, and articulate the answers to your questions.

Building Recruitment Machine

How do you build a hiring process for the best candidate experience? What should you do to frame your recruiting efforts in a dynamic market context? A faster, more efficient hiring process leads to better people, higher revenues, and a happier, more productive workforce.

We construct your recruiting engine to accelerate further growth. Finding top talent relies on a structured hiring process, an interview flow focused on the best candidate experience, an applicant tracking system to boost collaboration for hiring teams and selection-effective sourcing channels to attract candidates. At Melon, we help you to design, implement and execute all these elements.

C-Suite Executive Search

Are you looking for a leader to bring your company to the next level? How do you know who you should be looking for and when you need to start looking? We've got the answers. 

Outstanding leadership builds your future. As market experts, we've led talented leaders of small companies to maximum growth through acquisition or exit. We help you determine which candidates have the ideal mindset for your company's culture and ensure a well-structured plan and building strategy to find the right leader.

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