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Built all People Culture processes from scratch and helped them grow from 20 to 100 people.


Vision Technology is a pioneer software and artificial intelligence research company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Size: 80-100  Industry: Mobile App  Location: Istanbul



Vision was a small business with a team of 20 people, and they had no people, culture-related processes, or a function responsible for such. Due to rapid growth, Vision prioritized the employee experience and wanted to create strategies and a leadership culture that supported this experience.



Together, we created all HR processes from scratch and worked on leadership capabilities, which helped them understand the impact of leadership at its best and thus created the best experience for their teams.

We implemented the following solutions:

  • Designed the company's new employee onboarding experience from the ground up.

  • Discovered company values and ensured that these values were live among all companies. 

  • Designed and implemented the performance growth approach and feedback culture. 

  • Established compensation and rewards systems. 

  • Implemented a leadership development school to build the leadership team's capabilities and cascade the mindset to all levels of employees. 

  • Made compliant all HR documentation processes. 

  • Defined a recruitment structure and established a system for the team, including ATS implementation.

  • At the end of two years, we onboarded a new People Culture Manager and handed over all built processes to her.

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