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Melon is a consulting company founded in 2018. We help technology scale-ups build a recruiting engine to hire the best talent through a best-practice recruiting journey. We uncover company values and make them active in everyday practices by developing a performance approach where people can unlock their full potential. We develop training and development methods and improve the employee experience by implementing custom-made solutions.

In this whole journey, we have three core values that we act on. We take action for a better world, we design with the user delivering for impact, and we empower through shared wisdom. We are currently working with many fast-developing companies.


Our team

Berna Aksoy
Berna Aksoy Talent Partner - Growth Practice Lead
Building engagement, creating a better experience for candidates, and helping them to explore their best selves is what Berna does best. Berna has always worked for tech companies, mostly for startups. She has led hiring programs, focused on I&D initiatives in the past. She helps startups in the US and EMEA regions set their recruiting strategies and create the best candidate experience.
Bilhan Özdemirhan
Bilhan Özdemirhan Talent Partner
Bilhan studied psychology at Koc University and is currently pursuing her master's degree in clinical psychology. She has considerable research and volunteering experiences in different fields. She loves spending time with her cats, Herkül and Bebek. She has a vital interest in making the world a better place; thus, she sticks to her responsibilities and expects others to adhere to theirs, too
Ezgi Aytan
Ezgi Aytan Talent Partner - Culture Practice Lead
Ezgi is an organizational behavior enthusiast excited by cultural change. She is an Organizational Psychologist with significant experience in HR and as a Learning & Development consultant. She is a Hasso Plattner Institute certified Design Thinking coach. Her curiosity about the world and people keep her in action at all times, and when she needs to chill, she spends quality time with her cat Yoda.
Ilgın Koçak
Ilgın Koçak Product Ops Intern
Ilgın is having her bachelors in Business Administration and her specialization is Decision Sciences. She is always ready to improve new skills and in the mood for a good challenge. Her passion for product operations comes from the love of solving problems in a practical & creative way and communicating with people. She gets her life energy from quality food and humor.
Murat Ege Yoldaş
Murat Ege Yoldaş Talent Partner
Ege studies BA where his ideas about the world are evolving. He’s passionate about bringing creativity and novelty together and he finds pleasure in building something from scratch. Being an open-minded analytical thinker sets him apart from others. He loves meeting friends and listening to music on solitary walks.
Sure Köse Ulutaş
Sure Köse Ulutaş Talent Partner - Founder
Sure lives and breathes the creation of human centric company cultures, making growing tech companies a great place to work and live and boosting the productivity of companies by creating a top-notch employee experience. When she is not busy helping companies, you will find her working on new startup ideas, playing with her daughter Tuna and son Ali, or riding her Vespa.
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