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Compensation & Market Insights

Dive into precise market insights and salary benchmarks with us. We're your one-stop for tech compensation&benefits, talent trends, and job grading consultancy.

We specialize in Compensation & Market Insights, ensuring businesses leverage accurate and coherent market data to attract and retain the best talent. With the trusted support of Endeavor Turkey, we've been pioneering salary and benefits benchmarking research for years, amassing an extensive database tailored for the tech industry. Our expertise doesn't end there; we delve deep into talent trend researches, crafting market benchmarks that set industry standards. In addition, our consulting encompasses staff leveling and grading studies to align with your strategic needs.

Total Rewards Planning

Simple fact: salary is always one of the top factors in retaining the best team. 

Here at Melon, we know how valuable it is to have access to the most accurate and coherent market data to attract and retain talent. We've been doing salary and benefit benchmarking research for years. We have a powerful tech industry-specific salary database and benefits benchmark, which will help you to compensate fairly and build your pay grades according to market benchmarks. We compare your compensation packages across individual roles and levels and design a market-relevant salary grading scheme and benefit programs for you.

Deep dive

Salary and Benefits Benchmarking Survey

Deep dive

Case Studies

Read about the challenges our clients have experienced and how we approached them, the Melon way.

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