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Are you looking for a leader to bring your company to the next level? How do you know who you should be looking for?

We specialize in building winning leadership teams for scaling technology companies, focusing on executive level roles such as C-Level, V-Level, Directors, Managers, and other individual contributor roles crucial for key operations. Our expertise lies in forming leadership teams that thrive amidst tech business growth.  

What sets us apart? With our profound startup ecosystem understanding and a personalized and practical approach with extensive experience as trusted advisors, we grasp the nuances of the startup and scaleup ecosystem.  

Central to our service is our exclusive 6 Pillar Leadership Model. This model pinpoints ideal leaders for startups, evaluating candidates across six crucial pillars: Self-Care Savy, Human-Touch Hero, Impact Igniter, Vision Vanguard, Adaptability Ace, and Innovative Collaborator.

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