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Executive Search

Leading the way to scaling success. We build winning leadership teams for StartUps!

Melon's 6 Pillar Leadership approach goes beyon finding Executives; we help you create a winning leadership team. 

Building Recruitment Machine

How do you build a hiring process for the best candidate experience? What should you do to frame your recruiting efforts in a dynamic market context? A faster, more efficient hiring process leads to better people, higher revenues, and a happier, more productive workforce.

We construct your recruiting engine to accelerate further growth. Finding top talent relies on a structured hiring process, an interview flow focused on the best candidate experience, an applicant tracking system to boost collaboration for hiring teams and selection-effective sourcing channels to attract candidates. At Melon, we help you to design, implement and execute all these elements.

Executive Search

We specialize in building winning leadership teams for scaling technology companies. With five years of experience as a trusted HR advisor to startups, we have a deep understanding of the startup - scaleup environment and technology ecosystem. We know what it takes to build a leadership team that can navigate the challenges and opportunities of scaling a technology business.

At the core of our service is our proprietary 6 Pillar Leadership Model. This model is designed to identify the leaders who are best suited for a startup environment. Our model assesses each candidate's strengths across six key pillars: self-care savy, human-touch hero, impact igniter, vision vanguard, adaptability ace, and innovative collabrator. By focusuing on these critical leadership traits, we can identify candidates who are the right fit for your organization's unique needs and culture.

We believe that our methodology sets us apart from other executive search companies. We have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, and we know what it takes to build a winning leadership team. Our approach is personalized, rigorous, and effective. We are committed to finding leaders who cannot only meet your immediate needs, but also have the potential to grow with your organization as you scale.


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