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Built an engineering leadership team for a US startup across regions in Turkey & Singapore.

WHAT IS Rapsodo Sports? 

Rapsodo, Inc. is a sports analytics company that empowers athletes and coaches to analyze and improve their game, with affordable, portable, easy-to-use, data-driven sports technologies.



Building a strong engineering team who can lead their tech solutions across their regions in USA, Turkey, Singapore and Japan.



Melon consultants understood the importance of the new leadership team in engineering with the Rapsodo’s global and diverse culture. It was important that the shortlist of candidates encompassed a mix of specialist knowledge and experience, and that they’d fit well into the organization’s culture. 

  • Built a detailed hiring strategy for engineering leadership, which included a broad advertising campaign and a search, in order to find a shortlist of the best software professionals for the role. 

  • Presented a number of suitable high quality candidates to Rapsodo, leading to a greater level of trust being built between the consultants and Rapsodo and made it simpler to select outstanding candidates for the variety of new roles in engineering.

Case Studies