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Garanti BBVA Teknoloji

Implemented fully-fleshed OKR cycles that began with four teams and quintuplicated the number of teams through expansion.

Who is Garanti BBVA Teknoloji?

Garanti BBVA Technology provides organizations of the Garanti BBVA brand with technology infrastructure, software development on different platforms, internet applications, integration, system management, security management, project management and office application services.

Industry: Technology  Size: 2000+  Location: İstanbul



Garanti BBVA Technology is a company that has already adopted an agile way of working. They have a growth mindset and seek methods that help them create better outputs and increase productivity. Strategic initiatives are the focus that drives their teams. Yet they had questions: "How can we cascade company-level focus areas to the team level and track their progress? How can we increase the accountability of each team member regarding any specified project? How can we feel like one team and run towards a goal together?



Change does not happen in a blink of an eye. Change requires hand-holding through execution. With these principles constantly in mind, we started with OKR implementation for four established teams based on the company's strategic focus areas. First, we trained the teams to understand the OKR mindset, guided them actively through an OKR quarter, and shadowed them actively through a second OKR quarter.

  • Raised numerous OKR coaches within the company, a turnkey project after piloting for six months.

  • Actively guided and coached the organization's growth of OKR teams and OKR mindset.

The number of OKR teams will increase from 4 to 10, and the expansion will continue by doubling the number of teams onboarded in 2023.

An organization's external dependency can minimize once they benefit from the process, when there is top-down and bottom-up buy-in in the company, and when they take ownership.

After a year of work with numerous teams in Garanti BBVA Technology, we heard that the OKR process helped them achieve more in a shorter amount of time, made them feel like a team, track as a team, and achieve goals together. More teams are raising their hands to be part of the process, and team members are seeking ways to integrate it into their other operations.

To increase ownership, we worked with all levels of employees, created an ongoing alignment cycle and trained internal OKR coaches that will take over and leverage the expansion within the organization.

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