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Identifying leadership role needs and building a leadership team for a fast-growing startup.


Tiktak is the youngest and the fastest-growing car-sharing company in Turkey, established to help people get around the city by private car in a convenient and affordable way.

Industry: Consumer Services-Mobile App  Size: 150-200  Location: Istanbul



Building the right leadership team with the needed skills and experience is critical to the success of a startup's rapid growth. Having the wrong people can slow or stall your growth, making an impact as you move into an investment phase. At this point, finding the right person is not about being good at scale-ups; all offer similar salaries, stock, and benefits. The most important thing is that you have to sell the company and its mission, giving you a chance to build a success story from the start. 



Tiktak builds its mid-level leadership team at scale quickly via Melon. Using our data-driven approach and talent network across Turkey, we helped Tiktak utilize strategies to help hire the right executives to complement each other's strengths. We ensured no gaps in expertise and knowledge, enabling success during a rapid growth stage and strategy execution. 

  • Identifed and assessed the functional and strategic needs of Tiktak's organizational structure.

  • Talent market mapped for these critical roles.

  • Coached C-Level hiring managers during their recruitment processes and supported them with Customer Success, Marketing, and Operation team-leader hiring.

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