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Uncovered cornerstone values with team members ​​at a newly established fintech company.

Who is Norma?

Norma offers solutions in finance, pre-accounting and financial consultancy on a single platform to business owners who manage their businesses. 

Industry: Fintech  Size: 20-40  Location: Istanbul



As a newly established startup that continues to recruit many new people as part of rapid growth, Norma wanted to identify company values ​​from the onset to use them in recruitment decisions and position themselves as a reference for Norma team members and working methods.



We drafted Norma's company values ​​with an all-day values ​​workshop in an off-site area with the participation of everyone in the company, and:

  • Collected comments/real stories from employees, and drafted values for each of one these values. Finalized the company values based on these comments and workshop outputs.

  • Ensured that the company's job postings and careers site included company values in the right language.

  • Trained hiring managers and taught them how to assess the fit of candidates according to company values.


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