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OKR - Objectives and Key Results

Melon facilitates many large and small organizations to transform their strategy into day-to-day operations through OKRs.

OKR Healthcheck

Discover your position on the Melon OKR Health Index Map!

Are you already familiar with OKRs but need to know whether you are crafting the OKRs right or applying the rules most beneficially?

  • OKR Health Check is for organizations that have started with OKRs but are having challenges. To understand where you stand, we conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis and give you a road map for execution.
  • Quantitative research involves an organizational-wide assessment.
  • Qualitative research involves one-to-one interviews with a mixed sample of employees and workshops facilitated through Design Thinking to pinpoint the improvement areas.

OKR Quick Start

Make a jumpstart in OKRs!

Suppose you are starting with OKRs or planning to make a quick start. With OKR's fast start, we quickly create awareness about OKR at the leadership level and determine whether your company is ready to transition.

As the second step, we run up to 2 half-day workshops, which we design to engage your leadership team and foster ownership and define OKRs contributing to the strategy of the company, thus setting the stage for an effective cascading of OKRs down to teams and departments.

This package does not include consulting services such as building the OKR governance model or setting OKR with teams and tracking progress.

Comprehensive OKR Implementation

Implement OKR Org-Wide

Do you want to implement OKR at the whole organization with professional support?

Comprehensive OKR Implementation includes facilitation, administration and management of the OKR program. The complete implementation consists of four steps.

Step 1: Setting the stage. This phase involves working closely with the leadership team to set/review the strategy and strategic priorities, train leaders on OKRs and convert strategic priorities to OKRs.

Step 2: OKR readiness assessment through 1:1 interviews and assessment surveys.

Step 3: Setting the Operating System of OKR. We model how OKR is run in your organization. How often is it set and tracked? What are the different OKR roles? How are rituals followed? Which tool is used?

Step 4: One or two-cycle OKR Coaching: We train all OKR teams, help them define their OKRs through workshops and observe their OKR rituals (check-ins, retro sessions and re-set sessions) for one or two cycles.

Step 5: Train & Certify OKR Coaches. We train internal OKR coaches and transfer our experience to them for a sustainable spread of OKR culture.

OKR Coaching Certification

Certified Champions, Ambassadors in OKR

OKR Coaches Training is perfect for companies that are moving to OKR deployment and want to support their OKR team with internal coaching support. We highly recommend that once you have identified your OKR Champions or Coaches, you invest in training the entire Coach pool to create process ambassadors.

OKR Coaches training is crucial for companies at this stage to minimize external dependency and ensure self-managing OKR teams. We train, we teach, we deliver materials, and when you're ready we hand over the whole process to your OKR coaches.

Within two days, this certificate program equips participants with a comprehensive toolkit that enables them to effectively coach the OKR process. The OKR coaches receive training on the templates necessary for their work as well as strategies to manage challenging cases they may encounter. During the deployment phase, more teams join the game as the piloted teams continue to work. We continue to coach new OKR teams and shadow coach your company's OKR coaches, assisting you with the deployment plan, prioritization of groups, and communication.

We accompany companies in making the right start for OKRs and implementing an operating system that allows a healthy OKR system.

* We have helped thousands of people to understand what OKR is and craft the right OKRs.

* We have helped hundreds of teams to translate their priorities into the right team OKRs.

* We have helped more than 20 organizations with OKR implementation or identify and tackle their problems in OKR implementation.


Dive deep into the world of Objectives and Key Results with our comprehensive guidelines. Whether you're a newbie, a seasoned coach, or simply looking for real-world examples, we've got you covered.

Download OKR Guidelines

Meet OKRX Summit

Melon organizes a global OKR Summit named OKRX every year. The second summit took place in May 2o22 with the theme of “Teams Thinking Outside the Box”with the participation of 15+ OKR expert speakers from all around the world and was watched by over 700+ participants from 36 different countries!

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