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Data-Driven OKR Health Check, followed by strategy refinement and OKR roadmap for all four Yorglass business areas.

Who is Yorglass?

Yorglass is a leading company in Turkey's industrial glass processing and flat glass trade sector. They have seven factories all around Turkey, serving top-tier home appliances firms.

Industry: Industrial Glass Processing & Production  Size: 1000+  Location: İstanbul



Yorglass greatly emphasized creating a culture triggered by their company strategy. They had linked their level execution tracking with the company strategy, which made the reason for the company's existence very clear to all levels of employees. On the other hand, their OKR processes were linked to a performance and rewards system, causing misunderstanding and conflict with the core operating mindset of OKR methodology.

The difference between OKRs and KPIs was only sometimes clear to everyone. The company had yet to promote team-level accountability. The connection to the performance system was blocking employees from being bold and taking initiatives that might appear risky. At this point, Melon jumped in first to help them diagnose what they could do differently and then put it into action.



We first needed to understand how the existing system worked. We did that through qualitative and quantitative research:

  • Employee Interviews

  • Melon Health Check Survey 

  • Managerial Level Workshop

All the input and data were analyzed and presented to the Management team for action planning. We not only diagnosed but also created an end-to-end roadmap that will help Yorglass correctly implement OKRs, and Melon will continue to guide and coach them through their OKR execution pilot.

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