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Organization & Culture

Providing the holistic strategies your team needs for outstanding breakthrough work.

Melon transforms teams to achieve your strategic priorities and build systems & experience to unlock potential by bringing alignment, capabilities, and human-centric people systems and processes to your team.

OKR: Objectives and Key Results

Melon develops an outcome-focused way of thinking to bring your strategy to life. We create alignment towards company goals and track contribution through measurable results with OKR.

Melon delivers different types of OKR services designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations at various stages of their OKR journey. You may be just starting with OKR, or you may have applied OKR and failed; you may want to explain OKR to your Leadership team in the most accurate way, or you may wish to spread OKR more in your organization and train your internal OKR Coaches. We are the right partner for you as a team that has led OKR transformations with multi-sized companies for years.

Deep dive

Uncovering Company Values

Company values are the core of an organization. Are you ready to uncover the values that are true to the heart of your organization's culture?

Melon adopts a bottom-up and top-down approach while helping you tap into your company values. 1:1 meetings with employees, a values assessment at the organization level, and an interactive workshop for all levels of team members to discuss your core markers and how they shape who you are.

Mission / Vision / Strategy Alignment

What is your company's dream, and where are you heading? What keeps you running? What do you want to disrupt in business? Let's find answers to those questions to provide sustainable growth for your company.

Melon guides you while framing your vision and mission statements. We work closely with the leadership team to ensure strategic alignment at all levels that will set the baseline for your organization structure and company-wide goals.

Total Rewards Planning

Simple fact: salary is always one of the top factors in retaining the best team. 

Here at Melon, we know how valuable it is to have access to the most accurate and coherent market data to attract and retain talent. We've been doing salary and benefit benchmarking research for years. We have a powerful tech industry-specific salary database and benefits benchmark, which will help you to compensate fairly and build your pay grades according to market benchmarks. We compare your compensation packages across individual roles and levels and design a market-relevant salary grading scheme and benefit programs for you.

Deep dive

Performance Growth

Newsflash: Performance Management is out, and Performance Growth is in. It's time to think differently about Performance Management  Growth.

At Melon, we believe in speaking organizations and an environment of dialogue. We build a real-time feedback culture consisting of dialogues to support the personal and professional development of each individual working in your company and to accelerate their careers. Since performance is focused on the future, not the past, we design a future-oriented performance development structure. We train your leaders on how to conduct regular growth conversations and how to ask for and give feedback themselves. We also help you combine performance growth with your reward system.

Team Coaching

Unlock the potential of your team by helping them to self-reflect and commit to new ways of working. 

Our passion at Melon is to help teams discover their strengths, challenges, opportunities and purpose while discovering how to build connections or improve giving and receiving feedback. We have developed a 12-week program unlike any training program you may have seen before because it is a journey of discovery and an opportunity to learn new things as a team. We will self-reflect, host discussions and brainstorm together. In addition to our 12-week program, we also help teams become aware of what blocks their ability to unlock their full potential by focusing on wellbeing to be their best selves mentally and physically.

Employee Value Proposition Design

A little soul-searching here: who do you want to attract to work with you? What draws in the people you want to attract? Let's discover the answer to those questions and entice the best-fit talent for your organization.

At Melon, we take a holistic approach to developing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) from concept to implementation. We gather data from the team, conduct a leadership workshop, and articulate the answers to your questions.


Case Studies

Read about the challenges our clients have experienced and how we approached them, the Melon way.

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